Episode 41 (Thursday, October 24)
DV follows Saanchi to her office to help pack the goods but Saanchi refuses to open the door for him. But her heart melts when she finds him getting drenched in rain and lets him in. DV continues to flirt with her by playing romantic songs but Saanchi pays no heed to it. They finish wrapping the products by morning. DV wakes up when he hears Mugdha and Saanchi chatting. Saanchi sends DV home. Dils realizes that DV has high fever due to spending the entire night in wet clothes. But DV refuses to have any medicines so that he can gain Saanchi’s sympathy. Dils reveals to Saanchi that she is aware of DV’s feelings towards her and completely supports him. SAanchi says its wrong as he is quite younger to her but Dils tell her that he is elder to her in deeds.
Episode 40 (Wednesday, October 23)
DV tells Saanchi that it will take at least 12 days to retrieve the duplicate copy of the contract from high court. Pradeep and Deepali go to Saanchi’s place to celebrate Karva Chauth. Saanchi invites both of them but Pradeep refuses to step inside. Prachi’s in laws disapprove of Saanchi’s fasting for a prospective groom as she had turned down a good one. DV cooks halwa for Saanchi and tells Dils that he is determined to break her fast with it. Saanchi sees Dv face through her dupatta by mistake and DV puts halwa in her mouth by tricking her, hence breaking her fast. Saanchi is angry with DV for making fun of the ritual. Mugdha calls Saanchi to inform her that Mr. Mehta has sent the goods back. Shocked Saanchi calls mr. Mehta and promises to repackage the goods and send them over by morning. Saanchi leaves for office to do the work immediately. DV explains the situation to aaji and follows her to office.
Episode 39 (Tuesday, October 22)
Saanchi is shocked when Aaji asks her to sell the land and get on with her life. She takes out her frustration on Dhruv who is playing guitar. Outside the houses, Pradeep tells Dhruv that Sanchi is a fool. He should not fight her case and leave Panchgani. DV retorts that he will repent for thinking Saanchi is a fool and that he is here to stay and support Saanchi. Dilshad tell DV that she is fasting on Karva Chauth along with Saanchi for a good life partner. DV tells Dilshad he is determined to break Saanchi’s fast. Saanchi wakes up Prachi in the middle of the night to eat Sargi. DV too goes there and continues to flirt with her. Saanchi is irked by his behaviour and gets irritated when aaji asks her to apply mehendi which she refuses. Saanchi asks DV to let go when he blocks her way. DV tells her that he has come to take the case papers and tells here that it will take at least 12 days to get the duplicate papers of the contract from the court.
Episode 38 (Monday, October 21)
DV tells naani that he wants to make halwa for Dils but aaji refuses to let naani teach him and instead asks Saanchi to teach him. Saanchi reluctantly agrees to teach him but in her anger she adds salt instead of sugar by mistake. DV tastes it nonetheless and does not complain. But when Aadu tastes it, he tells Saanchi that it’s salty. Seeing Saanchi stressed about her business, aaji suggests Saanchi to sell off the land so that she too can settle down in her life.
साँची डीवी के प्रस्ताव को नकार देती हैl आडू फ़ोन पर डीवी को नानी के बेहोश होने की खबर देता हैl डीवी और साँची घर पहुँचते हैंl प्रदीप आजी को ज़मीन बेचने की सलाह देता है ताकि दोनों परिवारों में कोई अनबन ना होl आजी साँची से कहती है की प्रदीप ने नानी की बहुत सेवा की और शायद उनसे प्रदीप को समझने में कोई भूल हुयी हैl डीवी दिल्स से कहता है की उसे यकीन है की साँची भी उससे प्यार करती हैl साँची डीवी के प्यार को बचपना कहती हैl डीवी साँची से वादा करता है की वो उसे अपने प्यार का एहसास करवाके रहेगाl