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Poonam Pandey is more popular than Sunny Leone?

Poonam Pandey is the best example of what social media can do to a person’s career. From an insignificant model to a web celebrity and a Bollwood actor, Poonam’s journey to stardom has been meteoric.
Poonam celebrated it when her Twitter following touched one lakh and then two lakhs. She demanded verification of her account when her followers swelled to 3 lakhs.

But Poonam remained silent when it touched 4 lakhs and is now almost equal to Sunny Leone’s who has not seen such quick surge of popularity, despite her fan following having a world wide base.
Poonam was silent because she is a busy Bollywood actor now and her web popularity no longer matters so much.

Poonam’s Twitter account has 400,540 followers in comparison to Sunny Leone who has 405, 758 followers. The interesting part is, Poonam’s fans have been raising in magnanimous proportions in comparison to her competitors like Sunny Leone and Sherlyn Chopra.
Surprisingly Sherlyn has just 158, 374 Twitter fans.

We hope with the release of her upcoming film Nasha, Poonam gets her due and establishes herself as a talented Bollywood actor and not just as an adult star.