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Why r u so upset, when u know mumani kaisi hai??
Zoya is still upset, and says that she is sacrificing all her principles of this marriage, and her notions about it. ayan says that this isnt a marriage. zoya sys that she knows this, but it was a marriage after all, and that they have made a joke of this instituion, and they shouldnt have done it, come what may. Ayan advises her that if she wants to think so deeply, then she should go in the basement and think. Zoy is all the more angered. Ayan says that she shouldnt try to be deeply philosophical as thats his forte. Zoya is still tensed. ayan tells that she is overbearing, and hence she shoudlnt bother so much, and that this is one of the life’s most mysterious puzzles, and they shouldnt try to unravel it. They again get in to a bickering, as to how their better halves are going to suffer, and they have a hearty laugh. Humaira sees them candid, and starts believeing razia’s warning, and starts thinking that zoya may actually be trying to steal ayan from her, or else she would have gone by now. seeing them, she is distraught.
The next morning, Zoya finds a bucket of soapy water, and goes out in the garden, to throw it while the family sees this. razia smirks at her first level of plan working. Zoya tells badi bi, when she asks why is she working, that she saw this on the floor, and hence is going out to give it tot the servant. Later, razia, stealthily spills soapy water on the track that zoya took, while going out. Ayan, who’s immersed in his phone, walks out unconscious about the soapy waters, towards the dining table.
Scene 2:
Location: Imran’s residence
While farhan is making her drink, nikhat stops him and says that she doesnt need the meds anymore, as she isnt stressed and tensed anymore, and it isnt due to the meds, but due to his care. Farhan says that he should take them for some more days. Nikhat denies, saying that he’s here with her, and she’s very fortunate to have him in her life. She says that she feels like talking to him, as they havent since marriage. farhan thinks that he doesnt have time for that, as he has to go out, and wonders what to do. just then, haseena enters and says that she just told imran and nazma too, that she’s planning to send both the couples to honeymoon, as they should spend alone time. farhan is tensed. Haseena goes on to present this holiday as a gift. farhan tries to argue, but she is adamant, that she wont be a miser, and she’s sending them on her expense. She asks nikhat to start packing, and she complies. When she leaves, haseena asks why farhan is tensed. He makes a happy face, and says that he did like the option. hasena wishes them goodnight and leaves.
Haseena asks the couple about their destination for honeymoon. She asks the girls, as their wish would be taken. They are excited about Paris. Imran prefers Europe, while nikhat suggets Switzerland. farhan is asked about his choice. He says that everything is cool with him. Imran mentions London, and they all agree to it. Haseena says that she would get to managing the travel plan rightaway. imran and nazma leave. Farhan sits with haseena, while she smirks.
Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
While zoya is busy preparing juice for ayan in the kitchen, razia comes. When zoya is called outside by shirin, and she leaves, Razia stealthily mixes something in the juice meant for ayan. She pretends to have come for water, while zoya comes in the kitchen and pouring out the juice, pours it for ayan. She serves it to ayan at the dining table. Badi bi praises her concern for ayan. Badi bi asks her to have breakfast. she says that she isnt hungry and leaves, while ayan is tensed. Razia comes and says that he wont drink this juice. When ayan asks why, she says that she saw zoya, mixing something in the drink. All are surprised, while zoya turns around shocked. The screen freezes on Zoya’s shocked face.
Precap: Zoya protests strongly that razia is impanting stories about her. Ayan tells her that she doesnt need to bother about what razia said. Ayan says that she wants them to test it, and before anyone can stop him, much to their shock, ayan drinks the entire juice. All are distraught when he falls on the ground. Meanwhile, Asad tells tanveer that he has told her a thousand times that he wont be marrying her, as he only has a heart for zoya. Tanveer says that what does he think, if he doesnt marry her, then noone will. She shows him the wedding card, announcing her marriage, with imran. She says that she may havent been able to become Nikhat’s bhabhi, but she would definitely become the other woman, in Nazma’s married life. Asad is tensed, while tanveer smirks.