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Shah Rukh Khan meets his biggest fans in Jai Kumar Nair and Shivangi!

It was frantic madness on the sets of Zee TV’s Did Super Moms.

The anticipation was for a guest who has the knack of stealing hearts with his magnetic personality, killer smileand rapturous eyes. Yes, its Shah Rukh Khan. Skipper Jai Kumar Nairand his protege Shivangi (from Lucknow) were overjoyed when they came to know that the guest of honor was none other than King Khan and Deepika Padukone. An ecstatic Jai Kumar Nair said, ” Sir, I have not missed any movie of yours. I have observed your walk, your talk, your way of looking, your smile and tried to imbibe all these nuances in myself and in my performances. I’m your greatest fan that ever lived! I never missed a single episode of Fauji and Circus. In Fauji there’s an episode where you stand on one foot whole day and I feel your pain. Today is a big day for me that I am performing in front of you. It’s a huge honor. Sir, it’ll be a big thing for me if you just remember my name.” He then went on to recite SRK’s famous dialoguefrom Om Shanti Om…itni shiddat se maine tumhe pane ki koshish ki hai… Shah Rukh was visibly moved with so much loveand adulation. He promised Jai that he is going to remember him forever and told him to come and approach him whenever he sees him anywhere.

Similar sentiment was echoed by Lucknow ki Shivangi. She said, “Sir, ek ladki hai jo Simran banti hai jab aap Raj bante ho, wo Anjali banti hai jab aap Rahul bante ho, wo Paro banti hai jab aap Devdas bante ho…wo Simran, Anjali, Paro, Chandramukhi aur real life mein Shivangi aaj apni khushi ka bayan nahi kar sakti. You have no idea how special you have made so many girls across the globe feel. You are an epitome of love. I can’t believe right now you are in front of me and today I want to say I love you to you in your style.” Her husband said, “Sir, my wife has put you so high up on a pedestal that it becomes difficult for me to match up to it. Whenever we have a tiff and I try to make it up to her she just wouldn’t give in..I finally tell her, yaar ab main Shah Rukh toh nahi ban sakta..”

Shivangi and Jai were over the moon! And Shah Rukh Khanwas moved, humbled, overwhelmed and awed by his biggest fans! One heard him say offline, we must do something for such talented contestants..may be send them abroad for special trainings..

Chennai Express on DID Super Moms

After travelling to various reality shows, the next stop for the “Chennai Express” star cast – actors Shah Rukh Khanand Deepika Padukone- was dance reality show “Dance India Dance Super Moms”.
As usual, Shah Rukh was at his best — he not only shook a leg with the grandmaster of the show, actor Mithun Chakraborty, but even met the 14 contestants and their families. He even danced, recited dialogues and sang songs on request.

Deepika, 27, was also seen having a gala time on the sets. She was the centre of attraction, especially for participant Shraddha Shah’s six-month-old baby, Maher, who made her grin from ear to ear.
The Zee TV’s show is judged by choreographers Marzi Pestonji and Terence Lewis. It airs Saturday and Sunday.