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Payal Rohatgi stands up for boyfriend Sangram Singh against Armaan Kohli’s behaviour and images of sangraam singh and payal rahtogi

Payal Rohatgi stands up forboyfriend Sangram Singh against Armaan Kohli’s behaviour
Quite recently, actor Armaan Kohli verbally insulted wrestler Sangram Singh in the Bigg Boss house, where both are housemates, when he said, ” Jologakhade main pale-bade hotehain unkorespectable logonke saath uthna-baithna nahi aata.”
Singh’s girlfriend,actressPayalRohatgi, who has participatedon the show before(in the second season) saysshe is “disappointed”with Kohli’s words. She says, “I agree it’s a show andcontroversies andfights are a part of it. But it’s a hitbelow the beltto see someone educated, who belongs to one of the best familiesin Bollywood, using abusive words. To insultsomeone about theirprofessionor a placethey considertheirtemple (in Sangram’s case, the akhada), is very demeaning. This way, you run down all sportspersons who are making a name forthemselves andworking out in anakhadaor placeof practice.Just because Sangram belongs to a humble background does not mean thathe does not have a good upbringing.Being bornin a rich or poor familydoes not teach you moral values.”
She adds, “I garnered the maximum amount of negative publicityduringmystinton the show. Sangram was reluctant to be a part of it this season, butI only pushed him to go ahead because this willgive him more recognition. He is a simple individualanddoes not know how to playgames. As a senior actor, Armaan’s behaviour does not suit him.”
Meanwhile, Payalhas writtena love letter to Sangram, which willbe deliveredto Sangram a little lateron the show.