‘The serial is not just the love story of Jodha and Akbar’

Rajat Tokas makes a comeback on television after a gap of two-and-a-half years with the historical show Jodha Akbar. Produced by Ekta Kapoor, it will premiere on Zee Television on June 18. 

The 21-year-old actor, who made a name for himself in the role of the warrior king in the TV serial Dharti Ka Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan, said of his new show: “It is a misconception that the serial is on the same lines as the film. This serial is a political drama, rather than just the love story of Jodha and Akbar. I am excited to play the role of an emperor. I am trying to live this character as much as possible.

“The Akbar I am playing is about 22 years old. I think the combination of fame, success and madness is a deadly [combination] and that is something that you will get to see on screen.” 

When asked about his fascination for period dramas, he replied, “It’s not about getting back to historical shows or that I am in love with historical characters. But, yes, it’s true that I like them as I love playing a man. I want to explore myself as an actor with these kinds of opportunities.”

Rajat has teamed up with Ekta Kapoor for the second time after the TV soap Tere Liye. The actor says he used the two years to complete his studies. “I did my graduation in Arts. In between I was offered films but they didn’t work out. I got depressed as I had no work. My mom also got depressed, seeing me depressed. I had no option but to send her back to Delhi.”

He says that was a tough period. “I am a loner and don’t have friends. I’ve never had any friends since childhood. I don’t know how to make friends. I am not the sort of person who will walk up to anyone and make friends.”

So what kind of equation does he share with his co-stars? 

“When I’m playing my role, I am in the character and not myself. I have been given this responsibility so I can’t let them down. If I lose my focus even for a minute, I might lose out on any opportunity that comes my way,” Rajat replied.

Watch Jodha Akbar every Monday to Friday at 8pm on Zee Television.

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