Read Written updates of Pyaar Ka Dard Hai

Read Written updates of Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th July online
The episode starts with Adi telling Rubel that he missed the catch and he needs to practice for the same. Dadaji and Nanu are having tea and enjoying the tea sips. Nanu smiles, Dadaji tells him to be happy and leave everything on God.
Latika reads out aloud the letter given by Sameer’s dad. Rubel says he will give this letter to Adi and lets see what he do. Latika asks him to be careful. Rubel says this time he will be careful.
Rubel says now he will see how Avantika bua protects Adi. He says bad time starts for them. Dadaji is taking a leave from everyone, Nanu asks him to stay until Preeti’s marriage. Nanu and Dadaji jokes on each other’s hairs. Adi asks Nanu to tell him the home remedy for black hairs. Sheela says her hairs are praised at her home town. Preeti gets a call from Sameer and Adi asks her to attend the call of her would be husband.
Dadaji says goodbye to all, he asks pankhudi to always smile and make others smile and leaves. Rubel is searching for the letter given by Sadanand as it got misplaced somewhere. Sheela asks Rubel about it. They begins the search for theletter.
Preeti shows the letter to Pankhudi. Pankhudi asks her not to tell this to anyone. Preeti says she will talk to Sameer regarding this. Sameer talks with his mom and says he came to know that his dad done a mistake. Sadanand confessed to his crime to Sameer in a drunken state.
Preeti comes to Rubel and asks did you searching for any letter. Rubel rubbishes it and says he is not searching anything. Preeti shouts at him and says dont act smart. She tells everyone about the letter. Everyone are shocked. Nanu asks about his hatred towards his brother. Avantika says she might have been prepared to face his doings. Pankhudi asks them to stop it as Adi might come at anytime and he will get upset.
Adi reads the letter and is shocked. Pankhudi says that Nirmala aunty signed the papers without knowing it. Avantika says it was not intentional and was an accident. Adi is shocked and is unable to come to terms. Harish asks him to be calm. Mamaji suggests that they should asks Nirmala to talk to Adi. Adi is shattered and says why didn’t you tell me the whole truth, why you said it was an accident. When it was written clearly in the letter that I removed the mask deliberately. Nanu asks him to believe us and says Rubel wants to upset you. Adi says may be it is true. Nirmala comes there and says whatever happened was an accident and I signed the letter unknowingly. Rubel asks Sadanand to get the letter signed by me.
Rubel says do you have any proof. Avantika says she knows well and doesn’t need any proof. Avantika says what issues your husband have with us. I would have not spare you but I spared you as you are going to be the inlaws of Preeti. Preeti says there is nothing more than Adi and she will not spare the one who will harm Adi so she has decided that she will not marry. She says sorry to Sameer who is shocked at her decision. she says there marriage can’t be successful as the two families are against each other. Pankhudi asks her to rethink the decision. Avantika also ask her not to spoil he relation in a haste.
Sameer tells Preeti that he knows why she took this decision and he understands. Pankhudi asks her not to break her relation. Rubel says everything is happening because of you. He tells Adi that because of you, Preeti maasi marriage is cancelled. Avantika yells at him, Harish says he knows what he is trying to do. Rubel says don’t you think that you are a reason for cancellation of Preeti maasi’s marriage. Nanu says get one thing straight, everything is happening because of you. Rubel says he is telling the truth and Adi is the culprit.
Adi is confused, shattered, lost and leaves from there. While the family members talking with Rubel. Pankhudi pleads them not to raise the issue and then she finds Adi missing. Shanky comes and tells them that Adi went somewhere in the car. Nanu, Avantika and Pankhudi goes out. Pankhudi asks Shanky, did Adi told her anything? Shanky says no, he didn’t

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