Read Written updates of Parvarish – Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi

Read Written updates of Parvarish – Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi 9th July online
Episode starts off with Ravi saying she will talk to sunnys teacher but jeet says we have to make him strong.
At school the principal says those kids r the toppers of our school but I will talk to them if u insist. The kids say that is not true we didn’t bully him n that sunny web threw a brick at them. They show the wound. Then sunny teacher comes n says how ru as u had cancer. Pinky is shocked and can not believe what is going on. She says se is really sorry to the teacher n even to the three boys. Pinky is very disappointed.
Merra is not happy with jeet presentation. She tells him that he doesn’t know how to deal with the people and that he is only interested in number. Pinky says come home now n says about sunny.
At home Ravi is trying to convince pinky. Then jeet comes n is mad that they called him. Pinky is mad that he said that. Jeet says don’t blame him. Ravi says u guys calm down n jeet says I will talk to him n don’t worry I never yell at my children. Jeet goes to sunny to find him crying. Sunny says I’m sorry. Jeet says tell me the entire story from the beginning. Sunny tells jeet everything. Jeet says u listened that’s y they keep bullying u. Jeet says its also our problem. Sunny asks jeet to say sorry to pinky. He says I want to change school. Pinky is outside crying.
The doctor says he will for sure try to run away and that they need to help him. They said he is a well rounded student. They say he needs to be good at one thing and that everyone will respect him. Jeet says I agree.
Lucky n rocky pretend to be cooking when mr mathur comes. He says I will make them they refuse tho n lucky n rocky r happy lol.
Jeet says I will give him training for sports day n make him the best.
Jeet says sunny u should play in sports day. Jeet says u listen to me. Jeet says we will make them regret it. Sunny says I can’t do anything jeet says with training u will be the best dont worry u will win for sure u have to believe in me n yourself. Jeet says ur mom will be proud sunny hugs jeet n says I love u.
Precap: sunny is training for the day

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