Sasural simar ka 21st June 2013 written episode

Sasural simar ka 21st June 2013 written episode
Your parents must be worrying. Jhumki interrupts and says, he doesn’t have parents. Sujata asks, then with whom he lives? Bantu says, I live alone. Sid says, how can he be alone when he takes Roli as his sister. He asks Mataji if they can keep Bantu in their house. Mataji agrees. There’s good bonding between Sid and Bantu. Prem comes to Jhumki and Simar to give Jhumki her phone. He tells Jhumki to be careful from Khushi and Veeru and leaves. Jhumki sees that there are 21 miss calls from her group. She calls them and asks if everything is fine. Her group says, nothing is fine. Without you, no one likes our program. They always throw tomatoes and it seems like we will have to close down our program and open vegetable shop.
Jhumki says, but what can I do from here? The group says, our next program is in Delhi.. you will have to come there and dance, because person who paid in advanced said he wants Jhumki’s dance only. This is our last chance. Jhumki is emotional. Simar goes to her and asks what happened. She doesn’t say anything and walks away. Her group asks her again whether she will come. Jhumki is in dilemma. Sid gets Bantu’s bed ready. He’s leaving, but Bantu stops him. He says, I can’t sleep without hearing a story. Sid says, but I don’t know any stories. Bantu says, I listened to you and wore this big tshirt (Sid’s tshirt) so now you have to listen to me. Sid says Bantu’s story to him. He says, one boy came from that far to meet a princess. Then family liked him so much that they kept him in their house for forever. He then found a friend whose name was… Bantu interrupts and says, Raavan, and laughs. He then tells Sid, you were telling me my own story, right? You’re like that princess as well. She was telling me stories like this as well before sleeping. Sid says, Roli and stories? Not possible. Bantu says, I got used to stories because of her only. Sid then says, it could be possible.. everyone loves Roli wherever she goes. Bantu says, absolutely.. everyone loves Jhumki a lot in Laxmanpur. Screen freezes on Sid’s confused face.
Precap: Sid tells everyone, Bantu has many more hobbies. He likes keeping name of everyone. When Roli was in his village, he kept her name as Jhumki. Everyone laughs. Simar is shocked while Khushi and Veeru get lost in some thoughts.

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