Na bole tum… na maine kuch kaha 21st June 2013 written episode

Na bole tum… na maine kuch kaha 21st June 2013 written episode
Megha brings a glass of milk and tries to make Navi drink. Navi tries to make Megha drink it right back. The glass of milk falls down and breaks. Aarti remarks that milking falling it is a bad omen. Megha says breaking of glass is a good omen. Megha says it is all in the mind and the omen is good as it is for Navi’s smile. Everyone welcomes Beera and family. Beera is about to touch Mohan’s feet when Mohan stops him and hugs him instead. Mohan says from today you are like Nanhi, Addu, RJ to me. Mohan introduces Beera to Papaji and PApaji praises Navi’s choice. Papaji asks Beera to take care of Navi and then introduces him to Saroj.
Jiji asks where Addu is. Addu comes there takes one look at Dada and Beera, gets agitated(repeating na na na) and walks away. Dada asks what happened to Addu. Mohan calls Munna forward. Beera is taken aback looking at Munna. Renu asks who Munna is. Mohan says he is Addu’s friend and it is because of him we got Addu back. Papaji says then he is like Navi’s brother and asks for the garland. Munna looks at Mohan who asks him if he won’t fulfill the duties of a brother. Munna puts the garland around Beera and hugs him. Tanu applies tilak on Beera’ forehead. Dada asks Munna what he is doing here. Munna says he is here as the bride’s brother and asks Dada to wait and watch what Beera does. Munna says one day everything will be under my control. Dada says just wait and watch and you will know. Dada asks Mohan to give up his arrogance at least today as the bride’s family should always bend in front of the groom’s family. Mohan says I am giving you the most precious thing and that doesn’t make me small. Megha brings Navi out. Navi asks if everyone feels as nervous as she does. Navi says she wants everything to be over soon and her nervousness is increasing. Ragini tells Munna that Beera plans to leave at the time of “jaimala”. Munna says which means Beera would do jaimala. Munna looks at Mohan.
Precap: Mohan runs behind Munna and addresses him as “aye piddi” till when will you pretend. Mohan tells him that his anger is with him(Mohan) then why is he punishing his mother and sister. Munna says he doesn’t want to hear any justifications and asks Mohan to worry about his darling daughter. Mohan asks him what he means. Munna tells Mohan that the wedding is a sham and that it is a revenge quest by Dada & Beera.

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