Jodha Akbar Todays Written Episode

Scene 1

Moti says to jodha that mali is arrested then whats tension now, jodha says benazir i dont know what happens to jalal when he listens jalal’s name, she is dangerous and as his wife its my duty to protect him. Moti says that she takes command from mali but now he is inn arrest so she might run away too. She says that dasiz has prepared for shubratri puja and you should do Fast(vrat) as it strong hubby wifey relation , jodha is happy and comes out. moti says to tell jalal about your fast, jodha says he doesnt listen to me. Jalal comes there, jodha stops him and says today is puja and i am doing fast, jalal says after what happened to my brother there remains no need for all this, jodha says i have said sorry many times. Jodha says i promised masa that i will do vrat for you. Jalal says 1st i dont need vrat for my safety, 2ndly i dont believe in vrat and all for safety and third when you dont accept me as husband then why this vrat for me? jodha is speechless. jalal leaves. Jodha says i know i didnt accept you as husband but i am not doing this fast as per masa’s order but i am doing this for your safety.

Scene 2

jalal comes to ruks and says you know that when i am solving political matters i dont listen to anyone. i am her after many days, ruks says why are you here? go to jodha as always or did she threw you out like before so you are here. jalal ask her not to be angry, ruks says i am. This much happened and you freed them easily, i know jodha was innocent but why bharmal and company? jalal says it was mirza’s request, ruks says what about mughal respect that was damaged. Thing is you did all this for jodha, is there a heart beating in you? jalal says again same thing i dont have heart how to tell you. Ruks says i dont know whats in her, she is trapping you, why dont you let her go if she in not important, what you are trying to achieve but fails everytime, jalal looks at her and is about to go but ruks stops him and says sorry for talking rudely, she orders dasi that tonight jalal is with me and nobody should disturb him. She says to jalal that i will try take your tension away, come i will massage your head.

Scene 3

Benazir is going somewhere in market with zakira. In mandir prays that to protect my husband, keep him save and jodha does the puja. Benazir comes to mandir and sees a snake and i will get poison from it. She sits to take poison from it and jodha finishes her puja and turns where banezir is sitting, benazir takes the snake away. jodha thinks why they were here? she goes behind them to check. Benazir comes to isolated place, jodha is following her. Benazir licks the snake’s tongue, jodha sees it and is shocked. Benzir shouts jalaluddin nobody will save you, i will bite you. Jodha remembers soldier’s death because of sanke bite, and the letter and sharif’ words. Jodha thinks viskanya(poisonous lady) and is here to kill jalal.

Scene 4

Jodha tells this to moti and says we have tell this to jalal asap. Moti ask whether he will believe? jodha says i dont know but have to tell him, They ask soldier where is jalal, he hesitates to tell so jodha says i am his wife and i want to know where is he. He tells that he is with ruks. Jodha says lets go there, moti says ruks can mind, jodha says i know her and i cant take the risk. Dasi stops jodha from going and says ruks has ordered to not allow anyone. jodha says ok tell ruks that i want to talk to her, ruks comes outside and says i knew you would disturb jalal. Jodha says i want to meet jalal. Ruks says i am his special wife, jodha says i know but.. ruks says jalal had come there on his own and you cant meet him, he is sleeping. Jodha says its important. Ruks says whats emergency? jodha says sharif has told me that jalal is in danger. Ruks says wow now you have reached to jail. you can trust him but i dont because i know who is dangerous to jalal. If you people can hurt jalal then you can conspire to kill him too. jodha says try to understand.

Top 10 Bollywood Movies of Al lTime by Gross Box Office Collection

Top 10 Bollywood Movies of AllTime by Gross Box Office Collection

Top 10 Bollywood Movies of AllTime by Box Office Collection

Here is the list of Top 10 Bollywood Movies of All Time by Box Office collection in India so far by Gross Collections it  includes overseas collections. This list only contains Hindi movies. Here is the complete list

Movie Name

Box Office Collection (Worldwide)

Dhoom 3 (Hindi) 501.64 Crore*
Chennai Express 395 Crore
3 Idiots 392 Crore
Ek Tha Tiger  310 Crore
Yeh Jawani Hain Deewani 302 Crore
Krrish 3 ( Hindi) 300 Crore
Dabangg 2 251 Crore
Bodyguard 230 Crore
Dabangg 215 Crore
Jab Tak Hain Jaan 211 Crore

‘Aashiqui 2’ bags six GiMA awards

‘Aashiqui 2’ bags six GiMA awards

“Aashiqui 2” led the films category of the fourth Gionee Star Global Indian Music Academy (GiMA) Awards as it walked away with six awards here.

aashiqui 2

Aashiqui 2” led the films category of the fourth Gionee Star Global Indian Music Academy (GiMA) Awards as it walked away with six awards here.
Initiated by Wizcraft International to applaud the finest achievements in the music Industry, the ceremony hosted by Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh was held Monday evening.
The Aditya Roy Kapur-Shraddha Kapoor starrer movie was honoured with awards including for best film song (‘Tum hi ho’), best film album, best playback singer male (Arjit Singh) and best playback singer female (Shreya Ghoshal).
“It’s very special when you win an award, it reminds you that there is so much work to do, so much more music to enthrall audiences, I am very proud to be a part of this industry. ‘Aashiqui 2 has definitely been the flavour of the year,” Ghosal said in a statement.
The Lifetime Achievement Honour went to melody queen Asha Bhosle in the popular category for her outstanding contribution to the music industry. Music maestro Ram Narayan, considered the finest sarangi exponent in the country and the man who made it a popular instrument, was also awarded the Lifetime Achievement Honour – Classical.
In the non-film category, various episodes of second season of “Coke Studio @MTV” emerged victorious.
The ceremony featured some performances by stalwarts in the music industry and Bollywood.
Asha Bhosle also paid tribute to music legend R.D. Burman with her performance on some of his most iconic songs “Mera naam shabnam”, “Dum maro dum”, “Gulabi chehra”, and “Aa dekhe zara” among others.
Actress Sonakshi Sinha gave a spellbinding performance, and singer Usha Uthup presented a special performance with a number of songs.

"I am glad to receive this award!" – Rajat Tokas Popular and Talented Rajat Tokas bags an award for the Best Actor…

Television’s one of the most good looking and talented emperor Rajat Tokas aka Jallaluddin Akbar from Zee TV‘s popular historical show Jodha Akbar is on cloud nine these days. The actor has bagged an award in the Best Actor’s category at the Star Guild Awards held recently.
Expressing his happiness about the same, Rajat said, I am extremely honored and delighted to bag this award. It was my director Sangram and me who have won awards for our show. I have bagged the award for the Best Actor and my director Santram sir for Best Director. It’s an achievement for me and a proud moment. I am glad to receive this award.”
While the emperor Akbar aka Rajat has successfully managed to grab the attention of the audiences and has been receiving accolades for his performance in the show Jodha Akbar, the dashing actor was earlier seen in the same genre portraying the role of an emperor Prithviraj Chahuan who mesmerized the audience with his screen presence too at that time. The show Prithviraj Chauhan used to air on Star Plus. The actor it seems has that charm to sway away the audience.
We hope that Rajat has more to achieve in the future!!

Rajveer To Defend Nandini, Nandini To Save Lakshmi From Her Husband In Desh Ki Beti Nandini

Rajveer To Defend Nandini, Nandini To Save Lakshmi From Her Husband In Desh Ki Beti Nandini

In  Desh Ki Beti Nandini, In montages, Nandini helps everyone and manages the whole household and makes sure the work is completed on time. Drivers are called to help in cleaning. Asst. cook manages to cook very well. Everything is organized & sorted. Ambika appreciates her for her efforts and Swaroop gets insecure.
Gayatri gets the piano removed from the room and Rajveer does not stop her as music distracts him from politics. Nandini enters the room and Rajveer shares with her his love for music. Nandini decides to do something about it.
Kishen Singh comes and calls Nandini. Gayatri wonders why. All the servants present Nandini with a token of appreciation. Nandini comes to know its Matron’s birthday. Uttara & Swaroop again come and interrupt. They tell Nandini not to spoil the servants and she gives them a good come back. Servants completely support Nandini.
Further,Swaroop & Uttara tell Gayatri about this, but Rajveer also starts defending Nandini. Meanwhile, Nandini makes a cake for the matron, who is genuinely touched by this gesture. Rajveer appreciates her for this and tells her she is one of a kind. Just then Nandini comes to know that Lakshmi is in crisis and her kid is still not well. Nandini reaches her house and saves her from the Sharaabi husband.

Comedy Nights’ Kapil Pleads, Says He Loves Sunil Aka Gutthi

Standup comedian Kapil Sharma says he can’t force Sunil Grover aka Gutthi of Comedy Nights With Kapil to stay back on the show. However, he doesn’t want rumours to vitiate the atmosphere.

Kapil say…….

“I love Sunil and Gutthi. They are always welcome in the show. I can just request him. Can’t force him…But whatever…I love him…Please don’t spread rumours,” he tweeted.

Though sources from the channel have revealed that Sunil has not left the show, but is on a holiday, he will soon be seen creating a laugh riot at the Zee Rishtey Awards 2013.

Sunil’s character Gutthi won the audience’s heart with her brilliant introduction sequence and also her signature song “Aap aaye hain hamare ghar mein, phool khile hain gulshan gulshan…” Then there were other Gutthi specials like “Juice me!”

Gutthi is an integral part of Kapil’s show which is aired on Colors.

If sources from the channel are to be believed, talks are still on with Sunil to hold him back from leaving the show.



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Krrish 3 movie is the sequel to 2006 blockbuster “Krrish”. The film will continue the story of Rohit Mehra and his superhero son Krrish, after Koi… Mil Gaya and Krrish.

Story in detail:

After defeating the villainous Dr. Siddhant Arya, and bringing his father Rohit back from the dead, Krrish continued fighting against evil and saving innocent lives.

Now Krishna is living a happily married life with Priya, while Rohit is using his scientific brilliance to benefit society. And Krrish is everyone’s favorite superhero saviour.

Unknown to them, a dark force is growing in another part of the world. Kaal, an evil genius, is selfishly misusing his powers to spread fear, death and destruction. And he is being assisted by an army of very dangerous beings, which he has created himself.

Not long after Kaal’s plans are put into action, both Rohit and Krrish find themselves faced with a crisis of epic proportions, which only they can resolve, together. But when they finally cross paths with Kaal and his army, neither of them is prepared for what lies ahead.

Kaal not only brings the world to the brink of disaster, he also puts the strength and love of Krishna and his family to the test.

And Krrish has to somehow find the power within to face an unbeatable foe.

The greatest battle between good and evil begins….


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